Telsiai Education Centre

Telšių švietimo centras (Telsiai Education Centre) – assistance centre for students, teachers and schools. Founded on 12th January 1997. Since 2011 the Centre has been affiliated with Pedagogical-Psychological Services Department.

Our Vision

A modern organisation open for changes and partnership that understands the needs as well as expectations of each individual and helps to create, learn and grow.

Our Mission

Providing the qualitative and effective educational support to school communities and meeting the needs of other adults for lifelong learning.

Values, philosophy


  • a favorable climate of the organization;
  • responsibility and teamwork;
  • working with the district education community based on respect, trust, competence and integrity.


„It’s all about being on the road.” J. Miltinis

„What matters is not where we stand, but where we move.” O.V. Holmes

Strategic goals

Developing the range of quality lifelong learning services to promote lifelong learning, leadership and to share positive experiences among learners.

Strengthening the effectiveness of education and psychological resilience of people with special needs who have psychological, personality and educational problems by providing the necessary information and counseling assistance to schools, teachers and parents (carers).

Strategic task

Providing the non-formal education services which help each individual develop their professional and leadership skills.

Encouraging the dissemination of positive experiences among teachers in formal and non-formal education in order to improve the achievements of students.

Creating the conditions for the development of competences of children, youth and adults by expanding the non-formal education services.

Improving the educational assistance system by providing the timely and comprehensive assistance to students, teachers, schools and families.

Developing the professional competences of teachers and educational support professionals.

Strengthening the interinstitutional cooperation for the well-being of the child and the family.


Daukanto st. 35, LT-87104 Telšiai
Tel. +370 444 60 213, +370 606 29844;

Pedagogical-psychological Services Department
Džiugo st. 6, LT-87133 Telšiai.
Tel. +370 604 28049

STEAM center
Sedos st. 29, LT-87113 Telšiai.
Tel. +370 616 14056